Don't Eat Gravel

Month: May, 2011

Days 12+13.

Day 12: A movie that you hate

House of a Thousand Corpses, directed by Rob Zombie, terrified me. I hated it. It really had no plot, and was really twisted and disturbing (that’s saying a lot coming from me because I can handle some pretty disturbing and twisted things). Apparently the sequel is better, so I might check it out, but I will never watch this movie again. It didn’t help that I had a fear of clowns growing up, because old fears like to linger in the back of your mind. I watched a good portion of Rob Zombie’s Halloween, and I didn’t like it, either. But it was better than this movie! I hated this movie.

Day 13: A movie that is a guilty pleasure

Yup, I am one of those closet Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana fans. Well, I’m not closeted anymore, I suppose. I’m nice about it though, I don’t make my friends watch this movie with me, or listen to the music. I just watch this movie when I’m by myself. It makes me happy. It is a happy movie. So there.


Why not blog about anything and everything?

I was just browsing my old digital photos, ones taken with my Olympus digital camera (I don’t know the exact model). I also realized that I took a lot of pictures back then. Well, not a lot, but I took pictures more often. I should start doing that again for a few reasons:

  1. I have two cameras, both better than my Olympus (one plain digital, one DSLR).
  2. I look more normal. Back then I had braces and me, along with my friends, looked super awkward.
  3. It might be nice to remember what I did with my life.
  4. I have more photography knowledge, not much, but enough to know that I am not, by any means, a photographer. I think I thought I was back then. It was quite pathetic.

This photo was actually pretty cool. I think I must’ve been bored, so I took pictures of the Christmas lights without the flash. (I didn’t know anything about shutter speed, I just noticed that when you turned the flash off, things were blurry.)

I absolutely love this photo! It has that total vintage thing I see a lot on Tumblr, but it was only taken in 2009. I was on vacation and I got a Happy Meal from McDonald’s (Happy Meals are where it’s at, I still eat them to the day) and it came in one of these boxes! Happy Meals rarely come in the boxes anymore, they come in dinky little brown bags. Yeah, we’re saving trees, I understand. But I was so happy with the box! It was plain (as you can tell) so I just took a picture of it to remember it. It was awesome.

This is what I do when I’m sitting in a restaurant and the people I’m sitting with are talking about something I can’t contribute on. I don’t know whether it’s leftover food art, or the remains of the plate art, but it’s what I do. I also make a catapults out of my forks and fling butter containers and sugar packets everywhere. I know, I am extremely immature, but I can behave if I want to, or need to. It’s a quirk, really, not a fault. Anyways, this is an example of my food art. See how I cleverly balance the garnish-thing with two butter containers? And how I topped it with whipped butter, for the snow-covered appearance? I think I had just eaten a peppercorn steak, if you were wondering. It was delicious, too.