Don't Eat Gravel

Month: June, 2011

French food from France.

Today I was remembering the time I ate a whole crème brûlée and an entire crêpe in one sitting. The location was Orange, France and it was the best trip of my life because I was with people I love (not to mention I was in France). But that’s not what I’m going to talk about today, today I will reminisce about all the food we ate.

Our first morning we stayed in Menton and it was the best breakfast I had ever eaten, and I can probably find at least five people to agree with that statement.

Those are the pastries we ate, some buns, and croissants and sticky buns I think they’re called? I don’t know what the french term for it is, but they were buns with honey and sugar on them… or something along those lines. To drink we had the best orange juice I have ever tasted in my life and also the best hot chocolate I have ever tasted in my life.

Now my opinion on the the breakfast could have been obsured because we hadn’t eaten in hours, other than a giant box of Smarties four of us shared, and we were jet-lagged, but I’m still damn sure that it was the best breakfast I have ever consumed.

In France the food I probably ate the most was made of carbs. I ate way too much bread but you seriously can’t help it when there’s a boulangerie around every corner! My breakfast every day consisted of slices of baguette and Nutella or a pain au chocolat. Then on our outings every day we managed to find a place that sold crêpes and we’d all eat them with Nutella and/or strawberries.

For lunch, I’m slightly ashamed to say, we’d often eat McDonald’s. Okay, so I suggest on travels that you don’t eat at familiar places like McDonald’s. Go somewhere local or unique. However, McDonald’s is different everywhere you go, so going there once or twice is actually a really interesting experience. The McFlurries in France were really yummy and you had a choice of chocolate or caramel syrup which was cool. The food in McDonald’s in Europe is generally a lot better.

I suggest you eat a beignet, too. They’re freaking delicious and chocolate filled!

I also ate a few pizzas in France, they we’re okay, obviously the French aren’t known for they’re pizzas, that would be the Italians. I really need to get my butt over to Italy someday.

Closer to the water in France there’s a lot of restaurants that serve paella, and I never ate any! That’s one thing I regret not trying, even though you don’t think of paella when you think of France, I certainly saw my fair share of it and never had any.

On our last day in France we all ordered a crème brûlée each because none of us had managed to eat one yet. They were really good, and as I mentioned before I ate a crêpe in the same sitting, so my stomach wasn’t happy about that but they both tasted really good.

Overall the food found in France is good, in case you couldn’t tell.


The vlogging experience.

Youtube. In all my years on the internet I have spent a lot of time on Youtube. And since I’ve accumulated a second computer monitor I have spent even more time there because I can just open another window in the 2nd monitor and enjoy all the wonders Youtube has to offer until my heart’s content.

Mostly I watch vlogs, it’s always interesting to see people talk about their lives. I first came across vlogs from watching Sarahxxlou‘s videos. She’s from England, she loves musicals and she’s pretty random and that’s probably why I enjoy her videos. The following is a cute sketch she made of Matilda.

Someone else I watched since close to the beginning of my Youtube journey is Natalie, also known as communitychannel. If you’re familiar with the Youtube community you’ll probably know of her. If not; she’s Australian and she’s freaking hilarious!

I even made vlogs myself for a while. Every time I watch a load of Youtube vlogs I really want to start vlogging again, but I have to remind myself that I stopped because it’s really time consuming and I never uploaded a video often enough. Currently all my vlogs are private, but I haven’t deleted them just yet! I have a few videos still running on my channel, none of which I am in. Here’s my Cirque de Soleil montage, one of the videos I left up on my channel.

I am considering vlogging again, and all because of one Youtuber in particular. Her name’s Lucy, and her channel is alucyinabucket. All her videos are quality, and she does whatever she wants to, like she vlogs and all that fun stuff. Here’s a vlog of hers:

And for a sample of other stuff she does, here’s another video of hers:

So for right now I will stick to blogging, and we’ll see if I get inspirationg for video blogs any time in the future.