Don't Eat Gravel

Month: July, 2011

“The bitch lied.”

Today I thought would be a great day to make butter tarts, which apparently are Canadian! Who knew? You know what else I didn’t know? Don’t trust recipes found on the internet. I used one of those and overall the product turned out okay but I had to make modifications all over the place and the cooking time was completely messed up, but why am I telling you when I can show you with the pictures I took!

These are the butter tarts all ready to go in the oven. Up to this point everything went smoothly except blending the shortening and the flour. I was supposed to use some tool I didn’t own so I ended up using my hands. Guys, don’t do that. It got all over my hands and I had to scrape it off using a knife and the mixture got everywhere! Other than that I was really excited at this point because I only had to cook the tarts for ten minutes! Except whoever said that lied.

My first hint that something was wrong should have been the foaming and the fact that each tart looked like soup. The foam cleared up and the tarts looked less like liquid so I decided they were okay. I let them cool and began to take one out. It was not very solid at all. I just assumed that was because they were still hot. Boy was I wrong.

See? Everything looks normal.

Yeaaahh… Then this happened. I ate it still and I’m fine, but this could not be my final project. I would not allow anybody else to eat the butter tart soupy thing in a soft doughy shell-type mush. I threw the rest of the tarts back into the oven for another ten minutes and they seem okay now. I have yet to try the re-cooked tarts, but I took them all out of the pan without any problems. They seemed solid and flaky and the filling wasn’t shaking like it was previously.

This is the end product. Hopefully they work out!

But what have we learned today, children? Don’t trust recipes on the internet! This isn’t the first time this has happened to me, either.

Also, the entire time I was baking I had Julie & Julia on in the background and I fell in love with it all over again. That seems to happen everytime I watch it, but that’s okay because I love it! And maybe it has inspired me to start blogging about more interesting things. However, I hope my butter tart mini-adventure will suffice for everyone!

The title of the post is a quote from Julie & Julia.


My Harry Potter story.

Everyone’s story of how they got into Harry Potter (or anything at all) is always different and I enjoy hearing about everyone’s. So here’s mine:

I’m not going to lie to you and say I read the books first and loved them immediately, because a lot of people do lie and say that. On the other hand, this is how a lot of people joined Harry Potter’s world, but I don’t think those of us who didn’t read the books first should be shunned and resented for not having read the books first. It’s not fair at all, don’t you find?

The first two Harry Potter books were given to me when I was pretty little, but I never bothered reading them. They sat on my bookshelf, preparing for the memories they would make; waiting for me to enter their magical world.

The first movie, the Philosopher’s Stone, came out and I was invited to a birthday party to see it. From what I remember I was one of the children who wasn’t scared of Voldemort, and I liked the movie a fair amount.

Chamber of Secrets came out to theatres and I went two weeks after opening day. I loved the second movie. I probably saw it three times in theatres. I think it was the snakes that appealed to me, and how the storyline focused around Slytherin. After I watched this movie I decided to read those two books I had. Again, I loved the Chamber of Secrets so much that I read it twice. This was the start of my first Harry Potter phase. I bought a calendar and was given Harry Potter colouring books and stationary for Christmas. I also handmade my very own Snitch to play with! I was also given the Goblet of Fire as well. I remember playing Harry Potter at recess with a group of other like-minded kids. I was always Ron, and I ran around saying “Why couldn’t be ‘follow the butterflies’?”

Not to long after I finished reading Chamber of Secrets, I went to the local library and took out the Prisoner of Azkaban. I had it for two weeks and only made it halfway through before I had to return it. I did enjoy the half I read, though.

The next thing that happened was when I attended the midnight book release of the Order of the Phoenix. This is one of my more memorable Harry Potter moments. The release party in my local mall started at 9¾ o’clock. Clever, right? I thought so. There was a scavenger hunt to find posters of the Harry Potter books in different languages and we had to identify the languages. There was also a costume contest for kids, and one for teens and adults. I met a girl who was dressed as Moaning Myrtle and her costume was perfect, she even had the voice down, and I definitely felt that she deserved to win, but the judges were stupid and didn’t recognize any costumes other than the trio. (I was dressed as the sorting hat, by the way). I don’t remember who won either category, but I think it might have been a Harry Potter and a Hermione Granger. Anyways, at midnight my mom told me she ordered me a copy and I was really happy, because I thought I wasn’t going to receive one right away.

Nothing really happened until I saw Prisoner of Azkaban in theatres, and I liked it. Afterwards I tried to read Goblet of Fire, since I owned it, but I never made it through it because I never finished the third book. I also tried to start the Order of the Phoenix, but since I hadn’t read the fourth book, and the movie hadn’t come out yet, I was completely lost and once again I did not finish the book. (Not to mention it was the size of a fridge; the biggest book I owned at the time).

I finally saw the Goblet of Fire in theatres, only once though, and I saw the Order of the Phoenix three times. Seeing Luna Lovegood in the fifth movie made me want to read the book, and I managed to read up to Luna’s introduction, but I couldn’t finish it again because the amount of details was overwhelming without having read the third or fourth book. I did make a pair of Luna’s radish earrings, and I still wear quite often. They’re near replicas of the ones Evanna Lynch wears in the movie!

Finally the Half-Blood Prince came to theatres and I saw it on opening day. Finally something in me cracked and I decided that day I had to read every single Harry Potter book. That Summer (2009) I re-read the first two, bought the third for once and for all, and finally finished the fourth and fifth which had been sitting, sad, on my bookshelf. I finished the entire series that Summer, and then I became what a lot refer to as a Potterhead. The upcoming school year I read the whole Potter series again and then I hit the point of no return.

Summer 2010 I was able to attend Harry Potter: the Exhibition. It was seriously amazing, seeing all the props and costumes! I was way too tempted to touch Snape’s robes. It was way too epic. (This is where I discovered how similar my radish earrings were to the ones used in the movies).

As you might have noticed, from mention on this blog, I did go to the midnight premiere of both parts of Deathly Hallows and enjoyed every second of it! That is where my Harry Potter journey lies as of now, but it is not finished. I still need to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. As well, Pottermore starts this fall. I’m really looking forward to being sorted by JK Rowling’s standards, though I have a really confident belief that I’m in Slytherin house, and the sorting should reflect that. (I realize I am starting to sound like a mega Potterhead right now).

Through my journey I’ve gotten to enjoy conversations with people who I normally wouldn’t cross paths with, I’ve gotten others to read and enjoy the books, and I’ve had the power to enlighten people on the magical world that is Harry Potter’s.

“…and to you, if you have stuck with Harry until the very end.”

-JK Rowling