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Month: August, 2011

Book Hoarding

I’ve addressed this problem before, but this is a more in depth view.

In the fall of 2010 I joined Goodreads. It’s a website where you organize all the books you’ve read, and want to read, and you can write and read book reviews among many other book-related things. In the first months after I joined I would browse the website, and I noticed a lot of people had shelves marked as “to read and already own”, or other similar titles, and some of these shelves had a ton of books in them. These people owned one hundred books that they had not read yet! I didn’t know how that happened because I usually bought books one or two at a time, and mostly read books from the library.

Guess what happened? I accumulated one of those shelves! Now since I have those books physically, as well as stacked on a virtual shelf, I can show you a nice photo of my chaotic bookshelf (there’s some really odd books, I don’t know how well you can see any of them).

Disclaimer: The Ballet for Dummies book was given to me as a joke. I do not actually need that book. I don’t think I’ve opened it either. Who knows, maybe it will be really informative.

Let me tell you how my bookshelf currently works. It is organized¬† by colour, except for the Harry Potter section for two reasons. 1) They’re special 2). Each book is about three different colours and it was getting frustrating trying to fit them in with the rest of my books.

On the top shelf, behind the books, lie my dictionaries, thesauri, and verb books. On the bottom shelf behind the books my Twilight books are hidden away. I’m not hiding them exactly, it’s just that they’re really bulky and I might as well shove them behind everything else to make room for better books.

The books set up vertically are all books I’ve read, and the ones lying on top of them horizontally are mostly books I haven’t read yet. In the bottom right-hand corner are a stack of books that I’ve read since May of this year.

I’m trying to pinpoint when my book buying got out of hand. I buy about one book a week, which is about the frequency I read books, but there must have been a point when I bought multiples because basic math says that by buying one book a week and reading one book a week there shouldn’t be a pile of 25 books that I own that I haven’t read. There was a few weeks ago when I bought five books at Borders because they’re on sale, but the pile was pretty big before that. Maybe it’s because I’ve been re-reading some of my older books while still buying the books every week?

It has become a bit of a problem. Every time I walk into a bookstore now, I can’t leave empty-handed. I just walk around the store with nothing in my mind and I will come across a book I know I want to read and I’ll have to take it.

Also I can’t imagine the problem getting any better when I go back to school and the library is sitting there and there’s all those books I can read for free, even when I have those purchased books sitting in my room.

Maybe I can just open a used bookstore or a library when I’m older.


Tilt-shift photography

Please note: I found all these pictures on flickr and tumblr and clicking on each picture will take you to the source.

The first time most people see a photo take with a tilt-shift effect I can imagine they’d think it was a tiny scene. I definitely thought that the first time.

I find photos taken with tilt-shift photography so humbling. It makes photos taken from afar look so tiny. I mostly imagine tiny little scenes inside a snow globe.

I just wanted to share some that I found and that I loved (and maybe introduce someone to tilt-shift photography).