BEDA day 12

by donteatgravel

BEDA day twelve

I’m starting to get sad when writing what day of BEDA it is because as the number gets bigger, the closer to the end of Summer it becomes. Like I might stop BEDA, but hear me out first. In a few weekends I’m going away for the weekend and there’s an extremely high chance I won’t be on the computer, so that’s the failure of BEDA right there. I look at it as giving up while I’m ahead. Like how I play Monopoly; I resign before I have to mortgage any of my properties.

As far as today’s blog, I have literally not left my house in two days and nobody has visited either, so there’s nothing new to talk about. However, I was thinking about when me and friends watch movies together and how we characterize each other as the main characters in the movie. I feel like it’s something a lot of people do, but I’m not totally sure. But for us it’s up to the point where we do it for everything. Superheroes, Disney princesses, tv shows and every movie.

Curious about who I am chosen for in each movie? Probably not! But I will tell you anyways!

Crossroads is not a very popular movie, but the girl on the left is who I was “most like”. She’s pregnant, lives in a trailer, and is the funniest character (in my opinion, but the girl on the right is pretty funny, too).

I am Ross. For a good portion of my life I thought I was most like Phoebe, but watching Friends recently I’ve had to come to terms and accept the fact that I am Ross.

I’ve actually gone into great detail figuring out which of my friends belong to which character on The Weekenders, and again I had myself as the wrong character. Well I’m a mix but originally I thought I was strictly Tino because I am sarcastic and my mom is similar to Tino’s mom, but when I looked closer I was more like Tish. I’m not the brain of my group of friends, but everything else that defines Tish is a trait I also possess.

Also only one of the above was a movie, but I couldn’t think of any other movies off the top of my head. Also my writing might be jumbled because I’m not 100% focussed, so yeeeeah.

Later days!