An update

It is November 25th, and there are four hours left in the day. This information is really not necessary, but yet I felt the need to announce it.

I guess that means that I have not posted in twenty four days, because I have supposedly being doing NaNoWriMo. Ah yes. Supposedly. You read that correctly.

I haven’t written in over a week, pretty much. Well, I wrote on Monday, but really it was not enough. My word count is sitting nicely at 29 000 words, 21 000 left until 50 000, and there are five days left plus four hours. I will still write, because I don’t want to quit outright. It would be amazing if I could catch up and write the whole quota! I will try my hardest, which is not as hard as I was trying at the beginning of the month.

Anyways, before I try to write later tonight (if that even will happen) I’m deciding to do a general update here.

Since I am on the topic of WriMo, let’s start there.

My novel, and its very vague plot, is not going as expected. Not bad, necessarily, but it’s really interesting when you just make yourself write. I made up these characters, and made up more on the spot, and when the two come together its very interesting. My one innocent, sweet, narrator who is the voice of intelligence in the story pretty much got drunk, or high, I’m not sure because magic is involved, and she loses her innocence, let’s say, which was not in the original plan! I was writing it with reckless abandon, and when you just let your characters do whatever they want they don’t necessarily do what you want them to! This probably sounds really strange to someone who does not write often, but it’s a common occurence during NaNoWriMo.

Also I snuck into my first movie ever. I was going to see Immortals, which I had no idea was 18A, and so I wasn’t sold a ticket (dude, four more months, you can’t give this to me?) So my friend and I had to buy tickets to J. Edgar instead and go into Immortals. It’s a whole strategy, because you have to buy tickets to a movie that’s on the right side of the theatre and all that.

I have seen 18A movies before, just for the record, but I usually go with my mom and that’s never a problem. Or I pass for 18. Or movies in Canada are never rated 18A, either. We’re pretty lofty up here with film ratings.

Immortals was extremely good, in my own opinion! I haven’t seen 300 yet, so I can’t compare it to that. I don’t really know what to say about it other than I loved all the battles, the violence, the storyline was way better than I expected, most of the costumes were kickass, too. I only have a few minor complaints, like why did the Titans look like that? And there was one setting where the green screen was AWFUL! Awful, at least, for a movie coming out in 2011. I don’t understand why the green screen in that one setting was so terrible. Other than that the word to describe Immortals is badass.

Soon I will make a playlist of my favourite Christmas songs, and why they are my favourite!