Don't Eat Gravel

Month: December, 2011

This post fell into the blackpit of anger… I think.

What’s wrong with wordpress and why doesn’t it inspire me?

This is stupid.

I had a blogspot blog once upon a time, and I hated it so I deleted it and I finally started a wordpress blog. But now I don’t find wordpress layouts as appealing to me anymore. I’d much rather read blogs on blogger/blogspot/whatever the hell you call it.

There are so many posts here, now on my own blog, though, so this is just a huge dilemma I got myself into.

I’ll figure something out by 2012. All I know is that I should start taking more photos, because I think photography is the biggest hobby I want to have once I graduate high school, but starting it now is probably the best, right? (Because my photos suck.)

So here’s a random picture I took because I was checking if my laundry room had nice lighting, and my Bob Marley shirt was there.



I was on Tumblr a few moments ago posting pictures I was finding on Flickr and reblogging other pictures and so on—the usual Tumblr things—but I was noticing how I was mostly posting photos without text. Everything was pretty to me, all the photos and quotes are pleasing either aesthetically or aurally, not to mention the fact that I made my dashboard floral and the text in italics so I enjoyed scrolling more.

This is what it looks like as I scroll Tumblr.

Anyways I decided to look through my whole blog, just to see what I posted at various points in time. In doing that I realized Tumblr is not just a pointless time-wasting website. It chronicles my life! If I keep posting I can go back to any month of my life and see what I was interested in at the time, and by just looking over my blog from the past year and a half I can notice a change already.

I started actively posting in the Summer of 2010 (I got my Tumblr in April 2010) and there’s a lot of Harry Potter and mostly things I found funny.

Jumping about four months, to December 2010, I noticed a general theme of photos from films and movies with the captions and a much bigger number of personal posts.

After one year of having Tumblr my posts became all over the place. I remember this well because I had a huge lull where my followers did not move. I didn’t gain any, nor did I lost any. Posts were mostly photos, both funny, pretty, sad, from films, and so on. In the Summer I started making graphics, too, so more of those showed up, and some of them got a hefty number of notes which made me really happy.

Currently I haven’t been posting many personal posts (in the last few weeks or so) and most of the pictures are pretty or are from the films and tv shows I like. To me it looks like yearning. And that’s probably what it is, especially being my last year in high school. I yearn to live in Europe (Russia or Norway), I want to look nice, I want to do either adventurous or relaxing things, and I want to meet new people, even if only for a day. I just want to get out of high school and live in a university dorm room with white walls and fill it with what I want.