films to watch + Kill Bill: Vol. 1 review

by donteatgravel

Last week I started putting together a list of films that I simply need to watch. Now most are referenced in the Gilmore Girls, but they tend to watch good films for the most part, or at least classics, all opinions aside. Others are films I just personally want to watch. Also there are classic films that aren’t referenced in the Gilmore Girls that I should just watch anyways.

I’m deciding to review all these films as I slowly watch them all, because not only do I want to watch these films, I also want content for my blog and I want to improve my film review skills, which currently suck.

So let’s just cut to it because earlier tonight I watched Kill Bill: Vol. 1.

Normally I would probably wait and let the film sink in a bit before I reviewed it, but I decided against making a seperate post specifically for this one film.

Now it’s really hard to explain the idea of Kill Bill without misleading people in any which way, or spoiling anything that someone might not want spoiled, all because it’s a Tarantino movie. Let’s just pass the whole “synopsis” part of the review.

This movie is nuts! But that’s not to say I didn’t love it. Quentin Tarantino makes great movies, and they’re great because of the crazy factor.

I love the creativity put into the violence, and that since the kills are unrealistic more blood is added and is spurting like there’s no tomorrow. It’s wonderful.

There are three performances I personally want to commend. Uma Thurman as the leading lady and the most badass character, Lucy Liu as another badass head bitch in charge, and Chiaki Kuriyama as the insane but badass Go Go.

I can’t wait to watch Vol. 2, now.