My favourite books from last year

I read exactly fifty books in 2011, and here are my personal favourites appearing in the order in which I read them.

Dreamland by Sarah Dessen

I’ve read six Sarah Dessen books in total, and Dreamland is my second favourite, but it’s been the most memorable to me. I would describe Dreamland as one of Sarah Dessen’s harsher novels. It’s a really quick read, and I loved the ending because it doesn’t end very happily. That’s not spoiling much, either. I recommend Dreamland to those who would read Sarah Dessen, or have read and enjoyed her other novels.

Girl With a Pearl Earring by Tracy Chevalier

Girl With a Pearl Earring is a story written about the famous painting by Johannes Vermeer. It’s written so well, and Chevalier’s descriptions are notable because they were very well done. As well the story written to explain the painting was believable, but still fascinating. I believe a film was based on this novel, too. I haven’t seen it but I’ve heard it was good. If it’s similar to the novel then it must be great. I recommend Girl With a Pearl Earring to those who like historical fiction (this novel takes place in the 1660’s).

The Help by Kathryn Stockett

I know this book has been everywhere this year, and the film, too. I’m just reassuring that I loved The Help. It looks thick, but the content is so great that it does read really quickly.

Rasputin’s Daughter by Robert Alexander

My favourite historical period is that of the Russian Revolution. I was obsessed with the animated film Anastasia when I was little I have always found every aspect of that time period fascinating ever since. Robert Alexander did not disappoint in this fictional novel about Rasputin’s daughter, Maria. This fact and fiction in this novel are written together flawlessly that it’s hard to differentiate between what was real and what was not. I recommend for anyone who, again, enjoys historical fiction.

Let It Snow by John Green, Maureen Johnson & Lauren Myracle

This book consists of three novella-length stories all taking place during the Winter holidays and they all tie together. These stories are cheesy, and cute to the point of nausea, but that’s exactly what I expected before I read Let It Snow so I was very satisfied. I had previously read all three authors before reading this, so I knew I would love it. All I was looking for when I read this was a good Christmas romance that was simply really happy, and it’s exactly what I got. Don’t expect amazing literary things from Let It Snow, if you just let it be what it is it’s extremely enjoyable. I recommend for those who feel like reading a fun holiday romance novel (or three novellas that tie together).