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Snickers (and WriMo)

My favourite chocolate bar is probably the Snickers (a Snickers? just Snickers? help!) It’s not common among favourites; those are usually Kit Kat, Caramilk, Reese Peanut Butter Cups, maybe the Mars bar… at least from my experience those are popular. I don’t eat Snickers very often. In fact I might only eat a Snickers bar once or twice a year, but that’s the beauty of it, I find. By holding out for so long with a Snickers it tastes that much better when I eat one.

I remember when I was in France and I was PMSing (tmi?) and I was a bit homesick and I didn’t want to go back to the house I was staying in, so Alice gave me a Snickers bar and I sat in my room that night and ate it and it was the best tasting chocolate bar I have ever eaten. It made me feel better, and kept me from clawing my own face off out of boredom. Another time this happened was sometime last year and I was extrememly stressed out and was drowning in anger so I bought a Snickers and it helped.

I now sound very crazy having these crazy sentimental feelings surrounding a Snickers bar. It’s more of the moments than the actually brand of chocolate, but I really like Snickers.

Also today I shall answer question nine about NaNoWriMo: Have you told anyone else you’re doing NaNo this year?  Who?  What was their reaction?

I’ve told a lot of people about it, and I love the different reactions. One friend who’s real name I can use because she has a blog here on WordPress, Kaela, is supportive and she participated last year (and actually finished!) and I’m excited because she says she’s doing again this year. (Click here if you’re interested in her blog at all.)

I know one other person who’s participating as well, and I’m not sure if Alice is doing it or not, but either way they both understand WriMo and will probably be supportive. As well there’s a bunch of people on Youtube who participate and that’s practically secondhand support, which is nice.

The people whom I have to explain what WriMo is are funny.

“How does anyone know if  you actually do it?”
“Well you verify with the site at the end for your word count.”
“So you can just write giberish?”
“If you want, I guess, but then you don’t feel accomplished.”
“But what’s the point?”
“To say you wrote a 50 000 word novel in one month.”

…and so on.

My dad is pretty indifferent. He kept giving me suggestions to add these Sci-Fi things to my novel last year. He’s not an understander of the whole WriMo community, though.

I can’t remember if I told my mom. I can see her being indifferent as well, but hopefully she’ll understand that I will be on the computer for long amounts of time and won’t kick me off.

I may tell some teachers as well, like the teacher I’m a student aide for so she might let me work in the library, and possibly my English teacher.

Has anybody actually had anyone tell them they shouldn’t do WriMo?


Butterbeer Latte

BEDA day seven (one whole week!)

I didn’t expect this blog to reflect my Harry Potter-loving side so much. Ah well, I love Harry Potter so why not let it be apparent?

This recipe has been going around Tumblr for a day or so now and I made it the other night! (Credit goes to Hayden from Tumblr for creating this recipe).

The butter and brown sugar starting to melt. A tip: be quick with this step and adding the milk. If you leave the butter and brown sugar too long it starts to solidify and won’t blend well with the milk. I speak from experience. I had to do that part twice.

I put the beverage in my most magical cup! I love this mug to bits, it’s so pretty and wintery!

I think I did something weird because a layer of butter floated to the top. Unless that’s normal for butter to do? I have no idea. So I stuck a straw in the drink so I wouldn’t be gulping straight up butter. I didn’t taste the butter much, but with the clear mug it was freaking me out.

Once it stopped burning my tongue and I added the straw I really enjoyed it! Being the middle of Summer, though, I didn’t finish it because it was really warm. I’m excited to try it in the Winter, though!