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Shut up and listen

Growing up really sucks.

Why can’t my bed open up and swallow me into a big comfy abyss?

I find it amazing that musicians, and more specifically songwriters, can have an amazing talent to write beautiful, poetic words that when added to good music can have the overwhelming effect to keep a person from giving up; to have them open their eyes in the morning and make a decision to carry on, even though they slept terribly.

Every time I can’t sleep and I turn to my iPod for support there is always a new song waiting to put me to sleep, even if that song has been sitting around for years, collecting virtual dust. The perfect song has the ability to drown my mind, tell it to shut up, and it listen to someone else’s words for at least three minutes. Sometimes it even calms me down, makes me yawn, and can make me tired enough to finally sleep.

Last night, I turned to music that makes me nostalgic for my preteen years.

And that’s when the “I don’t want to grow up” thought popped into my head. That’s not a new though, though. I never wanted to grow up. I wanted to live, but I just wanted to stop getting older. I acted old for my age when I was really young, but I generally still didn’t look to the future. I’m glad I was like that, I cherished my innocence, I guess, but now it just sucks that much more because I never wanted this, and I still don’t.

But as long as I have my music to listen to, everything will be just that much more bearable, especially on those nights, like last night, where I can’t sleep because I’m just too upset to do anything except lie in bed.

I wrote most of what you read above last night while lying in bed, and I was basically having a fit because I was growing up. It happens every once in a while, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. But basically music helps, and then I took a picture of my iPod in the darkness of my room because it kind of reflects my mind when I find those songs that get my thoughts to shut up. Soon I’ll make a playlist of all the songs I listen to and that help me sleep.



My top 10 Christmas songs

It’s December, my favourite month! And with my favourite month comes my favourite Christmas music so let’s jump straight to it!

10. “River” by Sarah McLachlan

Of course Sarah McLachlan’s Christmas album is very sad-sounding, but sadness can be pretty and I love this song! You can also search for a version sung by Robert Downey Jr., which is really nice also. It has a different sound to it, and I really like both versions.

9. “Believe” by Josh Groban

I think everyone knows this song, but it is one of my favourites. It’s so nice.

8. “Auld Lang Syne”

There is no specific audio version for this song. It’s just a classic to sing at New Year’s and what have you.

7. “Carol of the Bells” composed by Mykola Leontovych

Any version of this song is lovely. I really like the extra-intense version while Christmas shopping, because it just induces stress into  people, and I get a kick out of that. However, the version above is very nice and the video is so pretty!

6. “Mary’s Boy Child/Oh My Lord” by Boney M.

You can’t have a Christmas playlist without Boney M.

5. “Christmas Tree” by Lady Gaga

This song is hilarious. It’s classified as a novelty song, and I warn those who haven’t heard it yet: it is very dirty and gives a whole new meaning to “fa la la la”. It’s so catchy, though, and doesn’t sound like your regular every day Christmas song.

4. “Spirit of the Season” from the Polar Express

This song gets me the most excited for Christmas, versus the other songs being nice to listen to. “Spirit of the Season” actually injects excitement into me. It’s more of a score-scounding song, but there are lyrics sung by a choir. It’s so Christmassy!

3. “All Alone On Christmas” by Darlene Love

I heard this song first in Love, Actually which is probably my favourite film to watch over Christmas break. It’s not the happiest lyrics, but the music sounds upbeat. This morning, actually, I woke up to the radio playing this and I felt like I was in a RomCom. I recommend giving it a listen.

2. “Baby It’s Cold Outside” recorded by Zooey Deschanel & Leon Redbone

I’ve listening to many recordings of “Baby It’s Cold Outside”, and I know the Glee version is most of my friends’ favourite, but the version from Elf is my personal favourite. It’s so cozy and lovely to listen to. The difference in the two voices is so nice to listen to.

1. “Perfect Christmas” from Arthur’s Perfect Christmas

Unfortunately, as hard as I tried, I couldn’t find a Youtube video of this song, nor could I upload my own version of this song. However, the whole Christmas special is on Youtube and the first few minutes of it is this song. Arthur’s Perfect Christmas is one of my all-time favourite Christmas specials, it’s amazing plus it has a huge nostalgia factor for me. There hasn’t been a year where I haven’t watched it. So of course I picked the opening song to this special. It’s only really good if that nostalgia factor is there, and it is for me and it’s the Christmas song that makes me the happiest, so it wins #1.