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Where to write

Day seven: Where’s your favourite place to hunker down and write?

Sadly, I do not have a laptop, so I am forced to write in one of three place: the office at my mom’s house, in my bedroom at my dad’s house, or in my school’s library. Out of these three I like the computer in my room at my dad’s the best, because at my mom’s we have two monitors and that means I get very distracted, and the computers at school are too public for my liking.

In a perfect world I would have a laptop and I would write in Starbucks, and I would go to the WriMo meetups near my city. Hopefully my dad will let me borrow his laptop once or twice this November, and maybe I can claim a new  place as my favourite to hunker down and write in (probably Starbucks).

You know what would be great? Having a nice little gazebo like Neil Gaiman has (as seen in the photo below) to write in.


Two songs within

Day Five: Name two songs from your playlist that you feel are connected with your novel in some way, and explain how they are.

Okay I have one song that definitely goes with my story. Now first, think of Marie Antoinette (that one movie with Kirsten Dunst) and how it occasionally had a song that didn’t fit the time period, but was there for certain artistic elements and whatnot. That’s what my first song is.

It’s “Black Black Heart” by David Usher. (If you don’t know it, when you hear it most of you will be somewhat familiar with it).

The lyrics fit the element of lust that strongly relates with my main character. In the recorded version of the song there are operatic vocals singing the chorus, and it’s very melancholic and somewhat haunting. The lyrics, together with the whole tone of the song capture, perfectly, the mermaids and what I want them to symbolize, and their presence. (And to tie it back to Marie Antoinette is the whole fact that the song does not fit the setting of my story, and is more of an artistic expression if the story were a film… you see?)

I found David Usher singing an amazing acoustic version of  “Black Black Heart”

The second song is “Kingdom Dance” from the Tangled soundtrack, and it is composed by Alan Menken. It is an instrumental piece and when I first it I fell in love with it because it reminds me of RenFests, and it has three different elements in it: It starts nicely (like entering a new village during a celebration, much like the scene it’s used in in Tangled), then it becomes softer and more romantic, and then it gets really really exciting and good and amazing and please just listen to it. The whole thing.

Basically “Kingdom Dance” captures this whole village I’m putting together and whatnot.

This post is probably really scrambled because I had to write this quickly, and didn’t have time to revise and edit it. I’m terribly sorry if my thoughts are too BLARHGMARHG. At least I left you with two awesome pieces of music to listen to.

See you tomorrow, my fair blog.