Don't Eat Gravel

Oh, the places I’ll go.

Travelling is my biggest passion in life. I love the history of other countries and the different cultures. I love exploring new ways of life, and being surprised at similarities in all different countries.

I am so lucky to have had the opportunities to travel to St. Petersburg, and the South of France, as far as countries outside of North America. I have been to different parts of Canada and the U.S., but the culture is so similar among the different cities I have visited. Except for Quebec, because everything is in French.

As lucky as I have been, I can’t help but have the strongest desire to travel until my heart bursts. So I’m going to create a list of the top ten places I want to visit (which very limiting for myself because ten is not enough)!

10. Australia

The Great Barrier Reef

Who the Hell doesn’t want to go to Australia? I want want to be able to live there for a year and bartend, or waitress, and then just travel around. Of course the Great Barrier Reef would be a must.

9. Southern United States

I couldn’t find a photo that I liked depicting why I wanted to travel down South. There’s something so nice when I read or watch things set in the South. Maybe it’s not that great, but it’s the kind of thing I’d like to find out for myself.

8. Germany

Berlin, Germany

I really want to learn German. Hopefully next year I’ll be able to take a class, and then hopefully in the future I can go to Germany to be able to speak it. Plus Germany is beautiful!

7. Norway

Preikestolen, Norway

Norway is a bit of a mystery to me. I know next to nothing of both it’s history and it’s culture. All I truly know is where it is on a map. That’s why I want to go so bad, to discover something that’s completely new and that I know nothing of.

6. Ireland

Dublin, Ireland

I’m Irish, and I feel the strongest relation to my Irish roots than the rest of my roots. I just want to check Ireland out, go to some pubs, look at the castles and the nature. Just chill, really, but hanging around in Ireland would be better than hanging around in my hometown.

5. England

London, England

I would love to visit England at Christmastime. The main reason I want to visit England is the culture. It would be awesome just to chill around England, and it would be easy because English is my first language so there wouldn’t be a barrier there.

4. Russia

Moscow, Russia

I want to back to Russia so bad! When I first went it was a tripped designed for dancers, so we had hours of dance class every day and a mojority of the nights we saw a ballet. That was wonderful, of course, but I want to go back to absorb more of the culture. I want to go with only one other person and I want to take my time looking at everything. Also I would love to go to Moscow as well as St. Petersburg.

3. The North of France

Hall of Mirrors, Versailles, France

Already having been to France, I know how the culture is and how the food is, however I haven’t seen all the things that you think of when you think “France”. Which is okay, but it’s also a great excuse to go back to France! Versailles is on the top of my list of things to see in France, then the Eiffel Tower, of course, Notre Dame, the Moulin Rouge, and the Louvre and all those standard things.

2. Greece

Santorini, Greece

Greek food is my all time favourite food, but that hardly plays into why I want to visit Greece so badly. All the architecture is beautiful, and I want to see all the ruins and learn about all of them because I feel like there is so much Greek history to learn about, and that I know barely any of it!

1. Italy

Val di Fassa, Italy

Ponte Sant'Angelo, Rome, Italy

Out of all specific monuments in the world, it’s the Colosseum and the Trevi Fountain that I want to see the most. Also Italy holds the most specific cities I want to see: Rome, Florence, Venice, The Vatican, Milan, Verona, and so on. Plus Italy has great food, and such a rich history.


Shut up and listen

Growing up really sucks.

Why can’t my bed open up and swallow me into a big comfy abyss?

I find it amazing that musicians, and more specifically songwriters, can have an amazing talent to write beautiful, poetic words that when added to good music can have the overwhelming effect to keep a person from giving up; to have them open their eyes in the morning and make a decision to carry on, even though they slept terribly.

Every time I can’t sleep and I turn to my iPod for support there is always a new song waiting to put me to sleep, even if that song has been sitting around for years, collecting virtual dust. The perfect song has the ability to drown my mind, tell it to shut up, and it listen to someone else’s words for at least three minutes. Sometimes it even calms me down, makes me yawn, and can make me tired enough to finally sleep.

Last night, I turned to music that makes me nostalgic for my preteen years.

And that’s when the “I don’t want to grow up” thought popped into my head. That’s not a new though, though. I never wanted to grow up. I wanted to live, but I just wanted to stop getting older. I acted old for my age when I was really young, but I generally still didn’t look to the future. I’m glad I was like that, I cherished my innocence, I guess, but now it just sucks that much more because I never wanted this, and I still don’t.

But as long as I have my music to listen to, everything will be just that much more bearable, especially on those nights, like last night, where I can’t sleep because I’m just too upset to do anything except lie in bed.

I wrote most of what you read above last night while lying in bed, and I was basically having a fit because I was growing up. It happens every once in a while, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. But basically music helps, and then I took a picture of my iPod in the darkness of my room because it kind of reflects my mind when I find those songs that get my thoughts to shut up. Soon I’ll make a playlist of all the songs I listen to and that help me sleep.